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Incredibly cool thing about the end of the 2000s? December 31, 2009 has a blue moon. I am filled with giddy warm feelings because of this. In fact, I might have to write a short short story to celebrate it. Another thing about the end of the 2000s, though maybe not incredibly cool, is that I am struck with the need to listen to Prince "Party Like It's 1999" which I blame on the fact that as a teenager in the 1990s, especially one who graduated in 1999, I heard this a lot. No, A LOT. At least once at every dance, party, and gathering of more than a handful of people.

Growing up, I totally thought we'd have flying cars by 2010, or better yet, transporters. Or we'd be living on the moon during this upcoming glorious full moon. Like how I bring it back, there? I once threw a fantastic blue moon party. I will again.

I think this blue moon needs a name. December's moon is, what, cold moon or something like that? And January's is wolf moon. (Damn straight I know that one.) So this moon in between those should be called what? Best answer gets a prize.

I just double checked this, but fabulously, while talking about the blue moon, I realized January's full moon should be on my birthday. AND IT IS. The first full moon of 2010 is on my birthday. This could only be better if it happened in 2011, because then I'd have a full moon on my 30th birthday which is on the 30th. Sadly, it doesn't look like there's a blue moon in 2011 at all. However, August 31, 2012, blue moon. Come party with me?

I love the full moon. (Yet I don't have a full moon icon. I should remedy this. At least I have a tag for it!)

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