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[life] horror movie dreams

It looks like we might finally get snow. I am not looking forward to it, but it's been weird to not have snow here when Missouri had snow already. I could do with no snow ever, of course. (And it may have flurried here today or over Thanksgiving break, but I would have missed both.)

I had the worst dream last night. It started out awesome, being part of a werewolf pack, then another pack declared war on us. I left for awhile to do something (maybe convince allies to come fight with us). When I came home, my entire pack, except for the other enforcers who went with me, had been slaughtered. The houses were a mess, bloody and destroyed. We went looking for the bodies and found them all in the backyard, laid out in rows, covered with blankets. (Not just generic blankets, either. Blankets I recognized, blankets which covered me while I slept.) The entire pack, adults and children, oldest to youngest.

Then one very small child moved. At first I thought it had survived, had played dead well enough to be overlooked. Then they all started to move and we realized the dead bodies were being controlled by the enemy pack, who apparently had necromancers in their control. Our slaughtered family rose up to kill us.

I woke up at that point more shaken than I'd ever been by a dream.
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