Carla M. Lee (carlamlee) wrote,
Carla M. Lee

[links] awesome things

I am doing some gift shopping online. So far I haven't really come up with anything to buy for anyone else, but I've found some things I like. For my future reference and your current enjoyment, here are some things which I think are awesome.

Red Wombat Studio
+ Wolf and Fireflies (My favorite. The blues and blacks. The wolf. The fireflies. I wish to stare at this forever.)
+ Azeazelbunny (This makes me think of one of my characters. As a bunny.)
+ Orc Nouveau III and Orc Nouveau II
+ Sea Hag

Think Geek
Wolfram & Hart t-shirt (yi_sen and revena both sent me the link to this because they are awesome. I do wish it was available in a guy's shirt. Women's shirts are generally too short for my torso. Also, too big for my boobs, which are small for my frame.)

Velma versus the Zombies OMG so awesome.

Not for sale but awesome: chr0me_kitten does a stamp tutorial with an octopus stamp. Yay, octopus stamp!

(I'm watching Gilmore Girls 3.04 "One's Got Class and the Other One Dyes," and there's a whole bit about Vin Diesel. This pleases me and amuses me at the same time. I am going to watch it again.)

I have a headache.

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