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[links] feminists and disabilities links

(Okay, this ended up being an all-Anna post. I thought I had more links saved.)

+ Anna wrote Power and Responsibility at FWD/Forward about homecare workers and who society thinks should carry the burden of care. It's really interesting.

It struck me in part because one of the things I considered when thinking about changing careers was whether I would be able to afford care for my parents, whether at their home, my home, or a facility. I am not the best person to provide that care, and they have their own plans, but I wanted to make sure I could afford to provide what they needed.

+ Anna wrote The Transcontinental Disability Choir: How to make your blog accessible in five not-very-complicated steps at Bitch.

+ Anna wrote Glee: “That’s why we call it dismissing legitimate concerns instead of acting” at FWD/Forward.

Aha, I knew I had a non-Anna post to link.

I've not read Feministing regularly for a long time, though I will occasionally read if directly linked to an article, basically because of the racist, classist, ableist, transphobic content they spew. Please Boycott Feministing talks about some of the issues, Feministing's responses, and why people want a boycott. So if Feministing has been recced to you, here's a different analysis of it.

Okay, I probably need to eat sometime today. Or at the very least, drink more water.

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