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[writing] Music & Monsters

I just wrote a description for M&M in an email and I like it, so I thought I'd share it with you.

Music & Monsters is a YA paranormal mystery/romance about Sandra Ramos, an eighteen-year-old girl who can see the ghosts of supernatural murder victims, first in her dreams and then elsewhere. When the police make no headway in solving the murders and the ghosts keep appearing, Sandra must solve the mystery herself or risk being haunted forever. She's at least partly driven by her guilt over an accident a few months before the novel begins. Sandra's helped along the way by her chosen family: sister, Joanna; best friend, Lina; and friends, Randy and Dana. Complicating her quest are Anders, Lina's new boyfriend, who is a person of interest to the police because he is sexually linked to all the victims, male and female, and Ben, Anders' best friend, whose easy flirtations with Sandra take on a darker light when she learns his darkest secret.

I am at the writing stage (15k into the writing, the middle of chapter ten) where I love this damn novel so much. So much. I need icons for it, I think.

Now maybe I can get back to sleep soon.

(If you're interested in being a first reader, let me know.)
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