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[law school] Michigan, the Hollywood of the Midwest(1)

So Clive Owen and David Schwimmer were filming Trust at the law quad today. I'm not really sure where our beautiful quad fits into the movie, but let me tell you, it's beautiful, especially this time of year.

I'm just sad that Red Dawn has been filming in Michigan and yet neither Jeffrey Dean Morgan (rumored) nor Adrianne Palicki have shown up at the law quad. I want the hot ones, please!(2)

From the way Facebook has exploded, it's like Elvis was on campus or something.(3)

In other news, I wish I didn't feel like crap. I had this constant vertigo and feeling like I'm going to puke.

(1) Professor Entertainment Law actually said this in class one day last semester when we talked about the initiatives Michigan now has for people to film movies here. It amused me then and it amuses me now.

(2) To be fair, parts of Whip It were filmed here, and it was full of hot.

(3) Or maybe only I would react like that for Elvis. Who knows?

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