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[life] books and crazy brain

karenhealey blogged about some books she purchased. I recognized one of the covers ( because I just read it) and started to leave a comment. Then - well, here you go.

I just read Vacations from Hell the other day because earlier this year I read Prom Nights from Hell and really enjoyed it.

So funny story. I started this comment and then went to check my Books Read lists to make sure I had the title and date read correct and apparently I have never read this, because I don't recognize any of the stories mentioned in the synopsis on Amazon, I'm pretty sure I would remember reading a short story by Stephenie Meyer, and I can't find it on any of my Books Read lists.

So basically, I imagined reading this book. And apparently it had totally different stories in it - or, at least not the Meyer story.

Oh, crazy brain, so freaky.

Yeah. I don't really have anything else to say to that. False memories and big blank spaces have been happening more frequently these days. Though big blank spaces doesn't really describe it well, because you'd think I would notice a big blank space, but no, most of the time I learn about these things because someone will tell me, Carla, don't you remember when we did this or talked about that, and I say, You're making shit up. To make things worse, I don't know if this is a part of the bipolar (you know, losing things in the mood swings) or something else. My bet is on something else.

I went in search of a quote while writing this part of it, and at least this time I remembered correctly.

"It must be a terrible thing not to be able to trust your own mind." from Fringe season one



I am not sure how I can go to the library multiple times in one week and still walk out with 30+ books each time. Mostly YA fiction. Mostly found after less than 10 minutes in the section. (Well, this time about half the books were werewolf books I requested online, but generally I find the books I want by browsing.) The librarians are starting to know me, and I only talk to them when I have trouble checking out a book (because I break electronic things frequently), so not even once every trip.

I miss getting to buy all the books I want, but I'll graduate soon enough and can start putting the books I liked (and that's most of them, let's be honest, even books I find problematic I frequently enjoy) into my personal library.

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