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[writing] title fun

The other day I while writing my current projects post, I was hit upside the head with a couple YA novel titles. This is unusual, because the title is generally one of the last things I know, and I'm really crappy at them. This particular series is not like that at all, not only does the series have a title, but the first three books have titles as well, and taglines, and mini-blurbs. It's freaky.

So I wrote all this down in my ideas file and moved on. Then today I woke up with an idea for the first book, and when I went to make a note of it, I ended up with 1000 words covering the first chapter and some specific outlining.

So yeah. I accidentally wrote 1000 words of vampire cheerleaders today, instead of the shapeshifter paranormal romance I'm supposed to be writing. Oops.

I still find the titles super cute. I keep cracking myself up with them.

Now to get a bit done on the shapeshifters paranormal romance, like I was supposed to do.

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