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04 September 2009 @ 06:20 pm
[television] fall schedule  
Am really considering going to take a nap, even though I have a ton of stuff to do. Sleep might be a better option. I've just finished double checking my dvr settings and reading what everyone else is watching, so here's my list. (Fall schedule here.)

9-10 Gossip Girl
10-11 Castle

8-10 So You Think You Can Dance (I'm still undecided about this. I may record it to watch some of the dancing.)
10-11 Sons of Anarchy (OMG It's almost time for new Sons of Anarchy. I can't wait. This is probably the show which excites me most.)
10-11 The Forgotten (I don't know if I'm watching this one, either.)

9-10 Glee

Thursday (As with everyone else, Thursday is my day of doom.)
8-9 Bones
8-9 Vampire Diaries (I'm reviewing this for Innsmouth Free Press and am looking forward to that.)
9-10 Fringe (YAY! I'm still shocked that I went from being unable to finish the pilot to loving this show.)
9-10 Supernatural (Maybe. I still haven't finished last season. I have no interest in Castiel.)

9-10 Ugly Betty
9-10 Dollhouse (Again, maybe. I'm still not a fan.)


8-10 The Simpsons/The Cleveland Show/Family Guy/American Dad

Plus the repeats I dvr of things like Roseanne and Futurama.

So what are you watching?
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buffyfan30: Bonesbuffyfan30 on September 5th, 2009 10:34 am (UTC)
It's funny that now that I have a DVR, I don't know when anything is on anymore. A co-worker recently asked me "Anything good on tonight?" and I was like "Um... you know, I have no idea." Huh. I love it though, that everything is just there waiting until I'm ready for it, and no commercials!

I went through that list a couple of weeks ago and put reminders on my calender to make sure the DVR was set (since you can't set it too far in advance, but it's probably already set for my existing shows anyway). There is too much to name (TV addict here), but I'm most excited about Glee. I'm already in love with it.