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[television] fall schedule

Am really considering going to take a nap, even though I have a ton of stuff to do. Sleep might be a better option. I've just finished double checking my dvr settings and reading what everyone else is watching, so here's my list. (Fall schedule here.)

9-10 Gossip Girl
10-11 Castle

8-10 So You Think You Can Dance (I'm still undecided about this. I may record it to watch some of the dancing.)
10-11 Sons of Anarchy (OMG It's almost time for new Sons of Anarchy. I can't wait. This is probably the show which excites me most.)
10-11 The Forgotten (I don't know if I'm watching this one, either.)

9-10 Glee

Thursday (As with everyone else, Thursday is my day of doom.)
8-9 Bones
8-9 Vampire Diaries (I'm reviewing this for Innsmouth Free Press and am looking forward to that.)
9-10 Fringe (YAY! I'm still shocked that I went from being unable to finish the pilot to loving this show.)
9-10 Supernatural (Maybe. I still haven't finished last season. I have no interest in Castiel.)

9-10 Ugly Betty
9-10 Dollhouse (Again, maybe. I'm still not a fan.)


8-10 The Simpsons/The Cleveland Show/Family Guy/American Dad

Plus the repeats I dvr of things like Roseanne and Futurama.

So what are you watching?

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