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[life] drive-in movie theater!

Kansas City has a drive-in theater! I am absolutely filled with glee!

I-70 Drive-In

They have awesome double features for super cheap. I think tomorrow I will go watch either the Terminator/Star Trek double feature or the Drag Me to Hell/Angels and Demons double feature. (I might skip A&D, but even for one movie, that's still cheaper than the other theaters.) I love drive-ins! There's one near where I grew up and I find them absolutely enchanting, even slightly creepy, dirty ones like the one near where I grew up.

Drive-in theater! I found a Sonic Drive-In near my house here, so my drive-in experience is very nearly perfect.

Now what to do tonight? Bookstore, maybe? I'd like to get away from people for awhile and I need to get dinner soon. My roommates are having a party tonight and I am just not feeling up to being around strangers, though I'm welcome.

I've spent too much time around strangers this week.

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