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[link] Karen's Fabulous Fundraising

karenhealey is going to participate in the Fourth Annual 48-Hour Book Challenge June 5-7. She will read YA books and blog about them for 48 hours. She is taking pledges now, and if you pledge, you can request a book for her to read and blog about.

Karen is really smart and clever and funny! And she has insightful, intelligent, and often hilarious things to say about the books she reads! And her blogging is super entertaining and informative! A++ would read again!

I don't yet know if I am going to be doing this, too, because I don't have my summer events schedule yet, but even if I do, I won't be nearly as hilarious as Karen.

If you decide to participate in the Fourth Annual 48-Hour Book Challenge, let me know. I will post a link at the very least and may do a bunch of sponsorships, too. We will see how the money situation works out.

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