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[writing] bathrooms, dead girls, and bone-gnawing misfits

This is what writing looks like sometimes.

I showed Sarah the first chapter to "Werewolves in Love" which is a novel about, well, see the title. Specifically it's about Adam and Victoria who are (mostly) secondary characters in a series I'm also writing, but this is their story.

(First, quick background, the "bathroom thing" is that Sarah both frequently writes about people in bathrooms having conversations and also about people going to the bathroom, say people in the woods together peeing and wishing they had an actual bathroom not just a tree. She also has a thing for people talking to dead girls.)

Pieces from our conversation:

Sarah: What is it with you and gnawing on arms?
Sarah: You think I have a bathroom thing? You have a gnawed down to bone thing.
Carla: Well when my monsters bite they bite to the bone.
Carla: That shall be my battle cry.
Sarah: You like the "changed then abandoned" idea too, don't you. The tagline for your series should be "Abandoned misfits: gnawing down to the bone."

I am so using that. And then she acts like teaching her to be organized is a bad thing!

Carla: [This one series] was the longest thing I'd ever written where I knew the whole last section so early [in the writing].
Carla: And now AtRH and its sequels are the same. I know exactly where I'm going in the long run. It's the short term stuff I need to outline.
Sarah: I'm starting to plan as well, I think you're having a bad influence on me.
Carla: I believe the words you're looking for are "wonderful influence" and "thank you so for showing me the error of my ways" and "your light is guiding me home". Or something like that.
Sarah: Yeah, that's what I meant. Only I'd have said, "It's all your fault".

Back to my bone-gnawing misfits!

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