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[links] television

(Hat tip to karenhealey for the link.)

Just in case you haven't seen this: Preview for Glee, a new Fox show about glee club underdogs and high school popularity levels and jocks v. singers, etc. I am a little bit leery about what looks like a skinny white girl gets the popular quarterback plot, because I've seen enough of that, thanks, but who knows what the show will actually do. (I mean, yeah, it's Fox, so that's probably exactly what they'll do, but I don't know for sure.)

I just got back from a Holi celebration, so I am multicolored. Whee. So badass with my pink and purple and orange and green and yellow hair and skin and clothes. (Not really. I've already changed and washed off most from my arms and hands so I could sit and enjoy my soda and the pretty sun coming in through my window.)

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