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[links] interesting things to read and do

"Drugs and Rock n Roll" (in fantasy writing)

Does what the title says, which is talk about rock and roll and drugs in fantasy stories. I write a lot about both in most of my novels, but I'm curious as to what other people thing. (I write a lot about pot smoking guitarists, which, yeah, it's a thing. But there's some other stuff, too.)

"Kind of Like Ebola" (vampires are)

Talks about vampires (particularly the BtVS vampires) as a biological weapon used in warfare, and a little frustrating for me, because it hits a tiny bit close to home on some of what I'm doing in Along the Road Home, but still very interesting.

"The Hero Factory"

Make yourself a superhero.


This is a webcomic I've loved for years and it's finally available free full time.

+ "Vampire discovered in mass grave"
+ Star Trek cologne
+ new generation of mirrors
+ "Inside the Inboxes of 15 Fictional Villains"
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