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06 March 2009 @ 07:19 pm
[jewelry] Lionness has another sale  
elisem is having another Shiny Sale! She always has incredible, incredible stuff.

I fell in love with a pair of earrings. Enough that I'm really thinking about whether I could pierce my ears again, whether it might actually work this time. (After all, I've managed to keep the nose piercing open and unscarred for years now.)

"And Oh, Won't That Be A Day" is jasper, glass, and sterling silver. And makes me want to write stories.

Also "Swamp Truth", which is also jasper, glass, and sterling silver, and kind of made my breath catch with the stories in it.

The named pendant "Making Maps in Dream Country" pretty much is the stone referenced in the survivors, monsters, magic, and vampires story thestalkycop and I have been writing awhile now. (This is the dodgy foursome story, too. And the adorable lesbians. And the transformation of ice princes to golden girl.) Also lovely is "I See Your Face In Dreams". Both are ocean jasper, of course.

Finally, isn't this an awesome set? Two hairsticks, sold separately or together, but together they are just amazing: "Seaweed Wreathes Her" and "She Dwells Below".

I think elisem is adding more to that list, so keep checking back. She's already updated it at least once that I saw, and probably more than that.

I don't know when I became a person who loves handmade jewelry, but I am. I need crimson_keys to either set up or link me a website for the work she and her father do, because that is amazing, and you guys should see it.

Back to work now.
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