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[weather] it's the end of the world

It is 66 degrees and sunny right now. My windows are open. They were open yesterday, too, though I did eventually have to shut the office window (which was the room in which I was working - I left the living room window open a little). I think I am going to put on a jacket (not my heavy winter coat, but a jacket) and go for a walk and wash my car. I'm supposed to be working on my note proposal for the gender journal (it is due at midnight, along with some annotated sources), but I will take the break and enjoy the nice weather. I'm sure there are people outside in shorts; it is still too cold for that, but compared to what it has been, this is incredible.

(It is also awful, because winter isn't over in Michigan. I know it isn't over. I've been telling myself for two weeks that it isn't over, but my body is still adjusting to the weird sun and warmer temperatures we've been having. This means when the snow gets dumped on us, as it will, I will be even more miserable than before. But for now, oh, it looks like spring. If I had a motorcycle, I'd wear warm clothes and go for a ride right now.)

I'm sorry, body, you're being fooled, but right this second, I don't care. SUNSHINE and FRESH AIR. FINALLY.

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