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[links] interesting conversations

There are some interesting discussions going on online. (That kind of seems like a duh statement, because aren't there always? But here are some I've read recently which interest me, and so I share them with you.)

"Meeting the Beast: Ginger Snaps and Feminist Werewolves by naamah_darling addresses the idea that Ginger Snaps is a feminist and breaks that down to show it isn't. There is also some discussion in the comments about other texts which are more feminist.

"Flattering" at fatshionista has a discussion of whether using the term "flattering" when discussing clothes is really an unexamined compliment saying that the clothes make you look skinny. In the comments there is also a discussion of being femme politically and whether embracing make-up, etc. is buying into patriarchal views of female beauty.

In a kind of hive mind moment, Fatshionist has "Slut Shaming and the Politics of Tight Clothes".

I've already been thinking about body size and beauty standards in non-traditional communities, and this is making me think about it even more. I'll have to talk about that soon.

And finally, a link I found interesting: "Tribe of Ukrainian Fighting Women"

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