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[tv] Are You Afraid of the Dark? and Sons of Anarchy and October Road

I am currently watching Are You Afraid of the Dark? season one. I have been living in a sort of time warp lately, but this is truly ridiculous. My childhood love of horror has come to life again! (Not that it ever went away, but oh, man, I used to LOVE this show. Strike that, I still do, even with all its cheesy special effects glory.)

Jake got me hooked on two shows. First we watched October Road, which is excellent, and I adored it, and most episodes made me cry, and I really wish there was more to it, because I can't believe it's over. Then last night we started watching Sons of Anarchy and oh, man, I love it. I'd really like some more female characters, but I love two of the three main ones, and the dynamics between the various characters is fantastic and though I don't actually like those bikes (Harleys, pah), I love motorcycles and motorcyclists and leather and well, yes, this show pushes a lot of buttons and it is awesome.


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