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[travel] Wiscon 32

Quick Wiscon moments:

- Talking with resolute in the con suite.
- Watching the season finale of Bones and "helping" bake items for the Tiptree bake sale with cabell.
- Capes and Consoles where I got to see a bit of karenhealey and revena but not nearly enough.
- Nerd Karaoke, where I actually sang! For the first time ever! Because I really shouldn't sing. nikitangel and I were going to do a Meat Loaf song, but the people in charge don't like Meat Loaf (blasphemy!) so instead we did the Cheers theme. I don't know why. But it was fantastic listening to so many people sing, especially cabell and chr0me_kitten, who I hadn't heard before.
- Playing Apples to Apples in the con suite Friday night with people I've never met before, but who were awesome.
- Meeting the awesome Starkey at the fat acceptance panel.
- Proprietary Boobs and Backup tags for my name badge.
- Dinner yesterday with nikitangel, nwhepcat, and some other people whose LJ names I don't remember (but I will find later).
- Getting the chance to see Tamora Pierce talk about YA villains and fangirling from afar. It's not every day you get to see one of your heroes talk about one of your favorite things. Glee.

Today I am making it to the afternoon panels (maybe), having dinner with karenhealey and revena, and then going to the parties (for awhile). I'm feeling peopled out already, and nikitangel and I are going to go surprise her niece tomorrow and visit her family, so I probably should take a bit of a people break before then.

Next year I'm staying in the hotel, so I can take breaks between things, instead of people around people full time all the time. Also, next year I'm going to do more panels, both as a panelist and as an audience member. I needed a break this year, but next year I'm back in the swing of things.
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