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[movies] The Descent

Eventually I am going to figure out that, as it gets closer to the end of the week and I become more and more tired, I probably shouldn't get less sleep each night.

On the other hand, The Descent releases today. Time for a good and bad list:

BAD: We're not getting it, according to Mr. Movies.
BAD: Nor will any of the theaters nearby I frequent.
GOOD: However, one a not-too-far drive away will.
BAD: However, I work in the morning, so can't go too far or to a too late show. (This is what I get for taking someone's Saturday shift.)
BAD and GOOD: I can't go tomorrow afternoon, because we have some sort of triker/biker picnic.
GOOD: However, I could go tomorrow night, even though I want to see it tonight.
GOOD: At least it is out here, when thestalkycop was able to watch it last year.

Obviously, I shouldn't try to post when exhausted, I babble.

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